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Bore Wells

One of the largest contributors to the health problems in India is polluted water. In most of the poor villages, the people have nowhere else to turn for water except the rivers and ponds. But this same water is used by people and for bathing and washing of animals. In the summertime when the rainy season is over, people may have to walk many kilometers to obtain water. At times one can even see children squeezing water from mud or scooping water from stagnant puddles.  Through the efforts of supporters, more than 150 bore wells have been dug in the last three years (2011-13) to provide the poor villagers with clean drinking water. Each bore well will serve more than 5000 people.

Woman comes to collect water.

People drink from this same water that is also used by animals.

A bore well in a village in India.

Bore well digging

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