Providing humanitarian aid, education and spiritual

guidance to the poor and destitute


Youth Scholarship Program

PRIMARY SCHOOLS (K – 8) are government funded but students are required to purchase their uniforms in order to attend school. This keeps some of the poorest families in Kenya from sending their children to school. Orphans and children from single parent homes are most frequently affected.


SECONDARY SCHOOLS are expensive for Kenyans and only about 30% of young people completing the 8th grade can afford to go on to the next grade. Getting an education is really the only way out of the devastating poverty cycle.


We are working with pastors and school principals to find deserving students who without your support would not be able to obtain a quality education.

Your Monthly Donation of

will provide HALF sponsorship towards sending a secondary student to a public boarding school

will send a secondary student to a public boarding school

This support will cover books, supplies, uniform and fees.

Monthly donations of any amount will be combined to sponsor a student.

Your One-time Donation of


or more

will purchase a uniform and school supplies giving a child the opportunity to attend school


Education in

Day Care Centers

Six day care centers have been established that take care of 986 abandoned and destitute children. In addition to providing clothing and food for the children, an education is provided that will help them to eventually escape the poverty in their lives. The Mission Hospital provides free medical care for these children.

Your Monthly Donation of


will cover books, supplies, and food for one of these destitute children.

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