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guidance to the poor and destitute


Mission Hospital

The Mission Hospital is located in the city of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh State and is serving the poor and destitute people of India since 1998. The cost of government and private hospitals are out of the reach of the poor and they turn for help to organizations like the Mission Hospital.


Major Health Issues Addressed – Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cervical Cancer, HIV/AIDS and miscellaneous surgeries. The hospital also conducts medical camps in the surrounding areas.


The hospital is also used to house female orphans during the night for protection.

Patients waiting at the Mission Hospital

More than 2.2 million patients have been treated since 1998

Mission Hospital

Funds are needed for building improvements, surgical and equipment replacements, purchase of medicine and to cover salaries of doctors and staff.


There are approximately 499 orphans being housed in churches and homes that are supported by individuals from the Vancouver, WA area. Additional support is needed.

Clean Water

Many of the diseases in the poor villages are caused by polluted water. Bore wells are dug to provide clean water.

Some of the hospital expenses and treatment costs:


Hospital vehicle: $275/mo.

Medicine: $1000/mo. (min.)

Doctor salary (2): $500/mo.

Digging a well: $500/ea.

Hysterectomy surgery: $250

Cesarean surgery: $250

Treatment of HIV-positive patients using ART (anti-retroviral therapy): $65/treatment

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