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  • We will once again bring snuggly soft Kickee Pants pajamas for the little loves at Bukura Home. This donation was made possible by Sari and Raija Aho’s belief in this program and sharing it with Kickee Pants representatives. Thank you, Sari, Raija and Kickee Pants!!


  • On our last visit, I asked Natalya, the amazing house momma, what would the next project be that we might be able to help with? She shared a dream of having a chicken coop and chickens. She would love to have eggs to feed the children and to be able to sell some too. This would be a way of generating income to help with the constant struggle to buy groceries for the 30+ little ones who live at Bukura Home. She shared with me recently that they have had a donation of a chicken coop but would love to purchase 40-50 chickens. The cost is about $5 each…we would love to raise $250 and help them get 50!!


  • Since we visited last year the home has opened its doors and heart to add two more members to its family. Abandoned babies and little ones are always welcomed with open arms. Little Timothy is 2 and baby Asher, born on Christmas day, is 3 months old. With the addition of a baby comes the added costs of diapers and formula. We would once again love to raise the funds to buy diapers, formula, food and soap. My goal is $1000


  • Brian’s Dream Trip – One of the sweetest and oldest at the orphanage is Brian. He is kind and caring…a wonderful big brother to all the littles. He has elephantiasis in his arms which has caused them to become very deformed. He bravely faces the challenges that come with this disease. Last time I visited it was causing him pain and needed to be wrapped in gauze to protect sores that had developed. You could see the pain in his eyes. He told Bishop and I that someday he wanted to see an airplane…we told him someday you may fly on an airplane. We would love to provide him with a trip to Nairobi, a stay in a hotel for him, his house momma and 2 best friends. During this time, I would love to have him seen by a specialist in Nairobi. It would be so good to see him get treatment and hopefully figure out a way to help him.  The cost for airfare (for four), hotel, food and a medical appointment $1000



  • We are excited to partner with our son Titus, and his church by providing baby boxes. The church has identified moms from the neighboring slum that are in their last trimester or have an infant less than 3 months. The box will provide them with a sturdy box that can be used as an infant bed, a waterproof mattress, a mosquito netting, a few cloth diapers, a diaper cover, soap and hygiene items. Kickee Pants has donated soft hats, blankets and small outfit to be added to each box. We want to raise the funds for 30 boxes which we will purchase there for $30 a box…so our goal for this would be $900.


  • Many young girls are unable to attend school due to lack of funds to purchase feminine hygiene products. This results in many missed days and often leads to them dropping out. In the past we have given out disposable products which is a temporary fix and creates problems in areas with no sanitary ways to dispose of them. This year we are bringing reusable kits thanks to the Duffy Lepisto’s taking the lead of designing and creating patterns, she also got the help of a Ladies’ Retreat Group! These amazing ladies not only sewed hundreds of pads and pad holders, they raised the money to purchase wet bags and underwear for over 90 kits. We will be distributing these washable kits to young middle and high school girls with notes of encouragements. No more missed school days for these girls! Thank you, Duffy!!



  • Our friend, Bob Berrigan has been collecting laptops to help build a computer lab at Pastor Musa’s school. We are excited to be able to bring them over and see this lab become a reality!


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