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guidance to the poor and destitute

Currently sponsored students

A close look at our currently sponsored students and what the sponsorship means to them and what it has done in their lives.


ATTENDING: Nakeel Secondary School

CAREER DREAM: Attorney/Judge


Hello! My name is Newton. I am taking this humble opportunity to give thanks to God for bringing you into my life. Before being sponsored, I was desperate and never had hope in my life. I also thank God for giving my hopes and dreams an opportunity to become reality by one day becoming a judge and help to bring peace in the world. Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you. I love you all.


ATTENDING: Computer Training School



I greet you all in Jesus name, hoping you are doing well. First I want to express my jovial gratitude by thanking God for sponsorship that the Lord has blessed me with through you. I have completed computer basics and am hoping to join the other classes of ‘graphics and design courses. I thank God for you because we have never slept hungry since the Lord connected us with you.


ATTENDING: Acacia Park Private

Primary School



Hello. I want to thank God for being a blessing to me through you. I also thank the Almighty Father for bringing you to Kenya and also for being concerned with my schooling. I thank God for enabling you to provide shelter for us. It is not taken for granted. In school I am doing well and pressing on with my studies. May the Lord bless you and lift you up. Love you all.


ATTENDING: Beacon of Hope Private

Primary School



Hey, I am Bravin. Before getting any help from you, I never knew that I would go to school again. I really thank God for knowing you. I want to promise you that I am going to work extra harder than ever, because at least I can smile. May the Lord bless your families and you also.

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